"Meridian Retail" and "Meridian Tourist" are now both approved for use with MYOB Accountright 2013. This integration allows us to offer your business a complete solution from Point of Sale to Stock Control to Financial Accounts. The level of detail for posting for can be configured easily to match product groupings and or shop locations. Postings from meridian can be to a local copy of your Accountright database or directly to a cloud based copy allowing you to provide information directly to an offsite Accountant or Bookkeeper.

Sales to Account Customers

  • Create customer account in Accounright
  • Charge Goods to this account via EPOS till
  • Transactions will automatically be posted to customers account.
Cash Sales

For any Retail Business the vast bulk of transactions will be cash sales. These are summarised by individual Shop and method of tender eg. Cash, EFTPOS.

  • Sales accounts in Accountright are updated
  • GST Account is Updated
  • Bank or Undeposited Funds accounts are updated according to Tender method.
Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers

Automatically control Gift cards or Vouchers sold or redeemed via POS.

  • Control account in Accountright updated as vouchers or cards are sold.
  • Control account in Accountright downdated as redeemed.
  • Detailed breakdown with ageing available via "Meridian" at any time.
Customer Deposits

Meridian will maintain a control account in Accountright for customer deposits taken or redeemed via POS.

  • Accountright Customer Deposits updated as taken.
  • Accountright Customer deposits downdated as redeemed or refunded.
  • Detailed breakdown of deposits available via meridian at any time.
The meridian MYOB interface is implemented as a background process which exchanges information automatically between meridian and MYOB Accountright. This exchange can be scheduled to happen at fixed time intervals ranging from once a day to every minute. This method of operation means that once configured you really need do nothing information is synced automatically. Before first use you will need to use the configuration option to provide meridian with the location for MYOB and relevent access codes, you can also decide the level to which information will be summarised and which MYOB ledger accounts will be used at this point. While configuration is required only once you can reconfigure at any point and any transactions after this will be posted using the new rules. While the interface runs automatically if you need something to happen immediately you can also manually invoke the interface via the meridian menu.
What does the interface consist of?
Click the links above to view information on different aspscts of the meridian to MYOB interface.